Want more than a day of equestrian fun? Then why not make a holiday of it, a selection of equestrian centres offer accommodation and equestrian holiday packages.

  • Bel Air Hotel and equestrian centre, Ashford, 0404-40109, www.belairhotelequestrian.com
  • Laragh mountain view lodge and horse trekking, Glendalough, 0404-45282

Or do you dare for something different? Then why not holiday with traditional Irish horse drawn caravans.  These caravans can cater for families of up to 5 people and give the tourist a chance to explore the county at a relaxed pace in a truly unique way. You can set off on your own to tour at your own pace or join other caravans for the night in designated sites. Campers are responsible for the care and feeding of their caravan horse.