Driving through Wicklow is an excellent way to get an overview of the amazing variety of scenes and sites available to visitors. There are a number of signposted routes covering some of Wicklows best attractions, or simply get in your car and make up your own route.  You can leave the busy Dublin city and within 30 minutes, be enjoying the wild Wicklow scenery.

If you are visiting for only a short time and would like to take in as much of the natural beauty as possible, Wicklow driving tours are a very rewarding way to see this amazing “Garden of Ireland”. If you’ve already put in a few days of hiking or mountain climbing and you need to give your feet a rest, a great change of pace is to take one of the scenic drives of Wicklow and view the locales used by world famous filmmakers to shoot some of your favorite blockbuster movies made in Wicklow County.

International filmmakers’ continuing fascination with Ireland’s vast and enchanting landscapes an filming in Ireland has earned the island another nickname, “The Hollywood of Europe”. Filmmaking in Ireland has a long tradition, and since the first decade of the 20th Century countless movies have been shot in Wicklow.

A few of the most successful modern films are Excalibur (1982), Michael Collins (1996), Braveheart (1995), and King Arthur (2004).  Whether these movies inspired your desire to visit Ireland or simply being surrounded by the magical landscapes of Ireland reminds you of the magic of some of your favorite movies…it doesn’t matter.  It’s a great excuse for a close up exploration of some of the Ireland film settings and scenic wonders.